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本文摘要:An Islamist extremist accused of funding the 2009 Jakarta suicide bombings has been selling advertising space on his website to international brands including Citigroup, IBM and Microsoft using a service provided by Google.一名被控为2009年雅加达自杀式炸弹攻击获取资金的伊斯兰极端分子,利用由谷歌(Google)获取的一种服务,仍然在自己的网站上向还包括花旗集团(Citigroup)、IBM和微软公司(Microsoft)在内的国际品牌出售广告位。

An Islamist extremist accused of funding the 2009 Jakarta suicide bombings has been selling advertising space on his website to international brands including Citigroup, IBM and Microsoft using a service provided by Google.一名被控为2009年雅加达自杀式炸弹攻击获取资金的伊斯兰极端分子,利用由谷歌(Google)获取的一种服务,仍然在自己的网站上向还包括花旗集团(Citigroup)、IBM和微软公司(Microsoft)在内的国际品牌出售广告位。Muhammad Jibril Abdul Rahman, known as Prince of Jihad, is designated as a terrorist on the sanctions lists of the US, the EU and the UN — and subject to an asset freeze, travel ban and arms embargo. He is a prominent member of Jemaah Islamiyah, a militant Islamist group based in Southeast Asia with ties to al-Qaeda.有“圣战王子”(Prince of Jihad)之称之为的穆罕默德贾布里纳阿卜杜勒拉赫曼(Muhammad Jibril Abdul Rahman,上图)被佩在美国、欧盟和联合国的制裁名单上,性质是恐怖分子,受到资产失效、旅行禁令并被禁令装载武器。他还是东南亚一个与基地的组织(al-Qaeda)有关联的伊斯兰保守的组织“伊斯兰祈祷团”(Jemah Islamiyah)的最重要成员。

But his Jihadi propaganda website,, has been making thousands of dollars by showing its visitors adverts from global companies.但是,他的圣战宣传网站Arrahmah.com仍然在通过向访问者展出跨国公司的广告几千美元几千美元地赚。The ads were delivered to the website, which includes images of beheadings and hanged men, by intermediaries including Google’s AdSense, the world’s biggest online ad network, which take a cut of the revenues.这些广告被通过谷歌的AdSense等媒介投入到这个所含斩杀和绞刑图片的网站上。


AdSense是全球仅次于的在线广告网络,从广告收益中提取分为。There is no suggestion that the advertisers or Google knowingly funded a designated terrorist, a criminal offence in the US that carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison or a $1m fine.没任何依据指出广告主或谷歌无意让一个恐怖分子取得资金,这在美国归属于刑事犯罪,最低不会被被判20年监禁或100万美元罚款。

After being contacted by the Financial Times, Google cancelled’s account and the advertisers asked to be removed from the site. However, ads for big western brands continue to appear on the site through other intermediaries.在英国《金融时报》记者与他们联系后,谷歌移除了Arrahmah.com的账户,各广告主拒绝从该网站移除除广告。然而,西方大品牌的广告依然通过其他媒介经常出现在该网站上。The ease with which tapped into the $160bn online ad market raises questions about whether advertisers and their intermediaries are properly scrutinising the websites with which they do business. These days the placement of online ads is highly automated and they often pass through a complex chain with little human oversight.Arrahmah.com可以只能转入价值1600亿美元的在线广告市场,令人可不产生疑惑:广告主及媒介否对它们要投入广告的网站展开了合理的审查?如今,在线广告的投入高度自动化,往往在完全无人监督的情况下已完成简单的流程。This is not the first time that brands running ad campaigns across tens of thousands of different websites have found them appearing on undesirable sites. The UK police have in recent years cracked down on ad-supported sites that allow users to illegally download pirated films and music.在成千上万的有所不同网站上做广告的品牌发现自己经常出现在不当网站上的事情早已不是第一次再次发生了。

英国警方近年就严厉打击容许用户非法iTunes正版电影和音乐、依赖广告反对的网站。Google said: “We take the quality of our network very seriously and invest significant time and resources to keeping bad actors out of our system. We also have strict policies and terms of use which govern the type of publishers we allow on AdSense.谷歌回应:“我们十分重视我们网络的质量,并投放大量时间和资源来将不当网站回避在我们的系统之外。我们也制订有严苛的政策和用于条款,对我们容许指定AdSense的发行者类型展开规范。

“This site violates our terms so we’ve taken action to terminate the account and reimburse affected advertisers.”“该网站违背了我们的条款,因此我们早已采取行动中止了该账户,并补偿受到影响的广告主。“The company did not disclose the amount of the reimbursement.谷歌未透漏明确的补偿金额。 — whose slogan is “filter your mind, get the truth” — also illustrates the increasing sophistication of Islamist propaganda organisations and the expanding range of funding sources they have been able to tap. Large technology groups including Google, Twitter and Facebook have come in for criticism by security services in recent years for not doing enough to keep extremists off their platforms.Arrahmah.com的口号是“净化你的心灵,获得真凶”(filter your mind, get the truth),从该网站可以显现出,伊斯兰宣传的组织日益变得复杂,它们可以利用的资金来源不断扩大。近年来,还包括谷歌、Twitter和Facebook在内的大型科技集团受到了安全部门的抨击,理由是没采行充足有力的措施制止极端分子用于它们的平台。The website, which promotes extremist views in sections such as “Jihad Zone”, attracts about 600,000 visits a month, according to SimilarWeb, an internet data provider. discloses prominently that Mr Abdul Rahman is its chief executive.该网站在“圣战区”等栏目宣传极端主义观点。据互联网数据提供商SimilarWeb统计资料,该网站每月访问量大约为60万次。

Arrahmah.com具体审批阿卜杜勒拉赫曼是其首席执行官。“He is the most important online terrorist in Southeast Asia,” said Rohan Gunaratna, head of the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. “The purpose of his site is to polarise and radicalise people so that they become ripe for recruitment.”“他是东南亚地区最重要的网络恐怖分子,”新加坡南洋理工大学(Nanyang Technological University)政治暴力与恐怖主义研究国际中心的负责人罗汉古纳拉特纳(Rohan Gunaratna)称之为,“其网站的目的是让人们显得极端和保守,显得合适召募。”In 2010, Mr Abdul Rahman was sentenced to five years in an Indonesian jail for concealing information related to the terrorist attacks at the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels in Jakarta, which killed seven people and injured about 50. He had arranged for $10,000 in cash to be passed to the main bomber, according to the US government.2010年,阿卜杜勒拉赫曼因掩饰与再次发生在雅加达JW万豪酒店(JW Marriott)和丽思卡尔顿酒店(Ritz-Carlton)的恐怖袭击涉及的信息,被被判在印度尼西亚一所监狱服刑5年。

那次恐怖袭击造成了7人丧生,大约50人伤势。根据美国政府的信息,他打算了1万美元现金要并转转交炸弹攻击的主犯。Citigroup said: “We have a number of policies and procedures in place for our vendors designed to help prevent our advertising from appearing on inappropriate sites. In this case we have acted quickly to rectify the issue and have taken steps to ensure our ads will not appear on this site in the future.”花旗集团回应:“我们针对广告代理商有许多政策和流程,目的避免我们的广告经常出现在不适合的网站上。

在此次事件中,我们很快采取行动缺失了问题,并且采行了措施以确保未来我们的广告会再行经常出现在该网站上。”IBM said that it was “looking into the matter and will take all measures with its agency buying partners to prevent recurrence”.IBM称之为“正在调查此事,并将与媒体出售合作伙伴一道采行一切措施避免再次发生这种情况”。

Microsoft said: “The advertisement was placed using a third-party automated online media buying process and has now been removed. We’re working with our media buying partners to identify additional safeguards to further reduce the potential for ad placement on inappropriate sites.”微软公司称之为:“该广告是利用第三方自动化在线媒体出售流程展开投入的,现在早已被去除。我们正在与媒体出售合作伙伴一起制订额外的防水措施,以更进一步增加广告被投入在不适合网站的可能性。”An industry insider who has been gathering data about for the Financial Times estimated that the site was making thousands of dollars per month based on its ad traffic, and potentially more.一名为英国《金融时报》搜集有关Arrahmah.com信息的业内人士估算,以其广告流量计算出来,该网站每个月利润数千美元,甚至有可能更加多。



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