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本文摘要:In todays tablet market, one device stands distinctly above all others: Apples iPad. With this tablet, Apple did what it always does and created an innovative, must-have device in a once-unexciting category.如今的平板电脑市场,有一样设备傲视群雄:它就是苹果公司(Apple)的iPad。

In todays tablet market, one device stands distinctly above all others: Apples iPad. With this tablet, Apple did what it always does and created an innovative, must-have device in a once-unexciting category.如今的平板电脑市场,有一样设备傲视群雄:它就是苹果公司(Apple)的iPad。通过这款平板电脑,苹果公司像整天一样,在一个曾多次被忽视的产品分类当中打造出了一款创新性十足的必备品。That was three years ago.不过,这早已过去了三年。Now, a company that made its name with high-end consumer electronics wants to give Apple a real challenge. Sonys Xperia Tablet Z runs the latest version of Android, has a 10.1-inch screen and is the thinnest tablet yet, even thinner than Apples iPad Mini.如今,一家专为高端客户群体打造出电子产品的公司将给苹果带给确实的挑战。

索尼(Sony)的Xperia Z平板电脑,运营近期版本的安卓系统;它配备了10.1英寸的屏幕,是当今市场上最厚的平板电脑,甚至厚过了苹果的iPad Mini。At 1.09 pounds, its lighter than the 1.44-pound full-size iPad. This tablet has infrared that turns it into a universal living-room remote control. And just for kicks, it works even when submerged in up to three feet of water for 30 minutes.Xperia Z重1.09磅(大约0.5kg),比9.7英寸版的iPad的1.44磅(大约0.7kg)更加轻巧。所不具备的红外功能使其沦为了一部需要掌控客厅的智能遥控器。


更加牛的是,即使把它扔面阔约3英尺(大约0.9米)浅的水中半个小时,它再不可以工作正确性。The Xperia is only available in models with Wi-Fi connections, as was the iPad when it launched. The models cost the same amount as their comparable iPad models: $499 for a 16-gigabyte Xperia (in black) and $599 for the 32-gigabyte model (in black or white). The Xperia is available in Sony stores, at and other online retailers; it will be in Best Buy stores in July.目前,Xperia Z平板电脑仅有wifi版本,这和iPad刚公布时如出一辙。

同其竞争者iPad一样,16G黑色版本的Xperia售价为499美元(约合人民币3,084元),32G版本的为599美元(约合人民币3,702元),并有白色或黑色可选。在索尼官网、亚马逊(和其他网上零售商处皆有销售;7月它还将登岸百思买门店(Best Buy)。Sony has been out of the mobile-technology conversation for a long time, and the Xperia Tablet Zs design and price position the company to get back in the game if it plays its cards right.索尼早已很久没有在移动科技上抛头露面了,这款Xperia Z平板电脑的设计和定价很有可能沦为其重回移动科技领域的一张王牌。

Sony also has a smartphone with the same name in the U.S., the Xperia Z, which is available unlocked (without a carrier) for $630. Kazuo Hirai, Sonys president and CEO, recently said the phone will soon be available with a carrier.在美国,索尼还发售了一款某种程度取名为Xperia Z的智能手机,这款手机的无锁版(需要初始化运营商)售价为630美元(约合人民币3,894元)。索尼CEO兼任主席Kazuo Hirai说道他们迅速就不会发售运营商版本。Ive been using this new tablet for over a week and its a serious rival to the iPad. Its stylish overall design, screen, fast performance, good camera and noticeably high sound quality make it easy to love. The Android OS, called Jellybean, runs smoothly and more thoughtfully than previous iterations of Android. But the Xperia Tablet Z didnt fare well in my battery-life test. And some people may find the Xperias plastic back feels flimsy compared with the sturdy, brushed aluminum back on the iPad.我早已用了Xperia Z一个星期了,即使相对于iPad来说,它仍具备很强的竞争力。

时尚的整体设计,极致的屏幕,超快的速度,优质的镜头以及出众的音效,都让我爱不释手。近期的安卓软糖系统(Jellybean)运营十分简洁,而且比以前的版本都更为人性化。但是Xperia Z系列平板电脑的电池续航能力还有待提高。

另外,比起iPad牢固的铝合金拉纹底板,Xperia Z的黑色塑料底板也变得较为薄弱。I own an Android tablet and have tested several others, but I liked the Xperia Zs physical design best. Its super-thin build and light weight let you tote it in a briefcase or bag without noticing it. The Zs speaker openings are smartly situated on the bottom and side edges, giving a full, surround-sound effect that doesnt get muffled when you put it down on a table.我本身就有一款安卓系统的平板电脑,也测试过其他的几款,但我还是最喜好Xperia Z的设计。当你把它放到公文包或者背包里时,其超薄超轻机身使你几近察觉到将近它的不存在。

Xperia Z的扬声器坐落于底部边缘,即使将机身平放到桌面,也会影响其全方位环绕着单声道效。After putting the Xperia through its paces for a week, I decided to test its water resistance. First, I made sure all of its ports were covered with their attached flip-out doors. This included a Micro SD memory-card expansion slot, USB 2.0 port and a headphone output. I submerged the device in a deep sink filled with water for 10 minutes with music playing from it. I could still hear it underwater.在适应环境了一星期之后,我要求要测试一下Xperia的透气功能。首先,我保证所有的插口都由其自带折叠式盖子垫好,其中还包括一个迷你SD卡插槽,一个USB2.0插口和耳机插孔。

我把播出着音乐的Xperia Z放入装满水的池子里10分钟,它不仅可以长时间工作,水下播出的音乐也很明晰。Most people wont go for a swim with their tablets, but they will use them in places where splashes and spills are a regular occurrence, like the kitchen and bathroom. Even with wet fingertips, gestures and selections on the Xperia screen were still recognized, however inconsistently.当然,大部分人会带着平板电脑龙骨游泳,可是很多时候他们不会在常常被水飞溅到或水渗水的地方用于,例如厨房和厕所。即使手指下有水,Xperia Z的屏幕仍然需要辨识手势和自由选择,尽管不过于连贯。In everyday use, the Xperias battery life worked well enough that I didnt notice a problem. But it came up short in my battery test. I set the screen brightness to 75%, kept Wi-Fi on to collect email in the background and played a loop of video until the tablet ran out of juice. The Xperia Z died after just under 5 1/2 hours; the iPad lasted for nearly 11 1/2 hours.对于日常用于,我毫无疑问Xperia的电池是个问题;但测试结果的确表明其电池续航能力严重不足。

我将屏幕亮度设置在75%,打开Wi-Fi在后台拒绝接受邮件,并持续播出视频。Xperia Z的电量在5个半小时后被消耗;而同等情况下iPad持续了几近11个半小时。

In my living room, I tested the Xperia Zs built-in infrared remote by opening a preloaded Remote Control app. Here, I selected my device type and maker, and on-screen controls appeared that I tested to make sure they worked with my LG TV, TiVo and Sony sound system. This took just a few minutes and could come in handy if you use your tablet while watching TV, but most people probably will use it as a parlor trick.在客厅里,我通过一款预先加装的遥控应用于(Remote Control app),测试了Xperia Z自带的红外线遥控功能。我首先自由选择了我的设备类型和连接器,旋即在屏幕上就经常出现了比较不应的设备,还包括LG电视,替你记(TiVo),和索尼音效系统。


I downloaded Sonys TV SideView app, which let me enter my ZIP Code to pull up my cable providers channel guide to browse currently playing content from my tablet without disturbing the TV screen.我iTunes了索尼的TV SideView软件,它需要让我通过输入区号来相连有线电视供应商,并在平板电脑上面表明所获取的内容,而会阻碍电视的播出。A handsome Watch Now view floated images of currently playing programs on my screen, and I tapped on each for more details, including related Twitter feeds. Swiping a box representing the program toward the TV changes the TVs channel to this show.其中华丽的“现在观赏”界面(Watch Now)获取了即时播出的电视节目的浮层图像,我可以通过页面图片取得更加多信息,甚至可以看见大家放的推特(Twitter)内容。划动代表该节目的方框至TV一处,之后可让电视切换至心仪的节目。

The Xperia Zs 8-megapixel rear camera and 2-megapixel front camera have more megapixels than the iPads 5-megpixel rear camera and 1.2-megapixel front camera, though the cameras shouldnt be judged solely on megapixels. Photos of the Pacific Ocean, friends and beaches looked rich and crisp. As I swiped through photos, each took a little extra time to come into focus, like what sometimes happens on a digital camera.尽管像素并不是取决于照相机好坏的唯一标准,Xperia Z平板电脑的800万像素后置摄像头和200万像素前置摄像头的像素仍低过了iPad的500万像素后置摄像头以及120万像素前置摄像头。几张太平洋、朋友和沙滩的照片看起来色彩非常丰富又清新暗淡,样子用数码相机一样。

当我在网页Blogger时,每一张照片都必须花上一些时间才能读取顺利。If youre an Android fan and youve been waiting for a tablet with a great design, Sonys Xperia Tablet Z fits the bill. Just dont expect its battery to last as long as the iPads.如果你是安卓粉丝,并且仍然期望一款设计出众的平板电脑,索尼的Xperia Z就是不二之中选。




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